How/Why is Jesus Joy to us?

🎄Joy 🎄

Throughout History, God performed soooo much miracles like creating the universe, sending the big flood, dividing the red sea, many, many more. But the greatest miracle is from this verse, The Word became human and made his home among us -John 1:14

God made himself flesh which means a human and made his home, on earth, with us!

On Sunday, our preacher, Mel, described that joy comes from the mist of darkness and how Jesus is joy. We might have different definitions of joy because there is so much stuff from the world that seems to be satisfying and happy to us. But real joy is Jesus. It is great Joy to the world that Jesus is sent down to earth. You maybe hear alot of times that Jesus came down and died for our sins. But have you taken the time to praise and thank God? Mel encourages us to use the time of Christmas break, to praise God for having Jesus with us on earth. So today as we hand out cards to our neighbors, we can share our joy to them too!

But why or how is Jesus’ joy to us?

In Hebrews 4:15, it says: The Lord walks like us, talks like us and looks like us. He got thirsty, hungry and tired. He felt joy and pain. The human experience was his, excluding sin.

Jesus was basically Human. Fully God, fully human.

Because Jesus has full human experience, we know that whenever we are going through hard times, God is with us! We struggle with lots of stuff like our temptations. Video games, Phones, possibly drug and alcohol and pornography’s etc…. But we need to keep in mind that Jesus was also tempted before too. But Jesus was able to resist it so why can’t we since Jesus is also human?  🎄

We also get angry at stuff too like siblings and people. Jesus got angry too, he flipped tables. 

We also feel pain when we lose the people we love, get betrayed by friends, being treated badly, and many more ways. but Jesus got betrayed by one of his disciples and his people too. We sometimes even feel left out or you can’t fit in a group, Jesus loved his people yet people deny, reject and ignore his and God’s word. So yes, Jesus feels all the emotions we feel too. 

This is why in Matthew 1:23, Matthew says that Jesus was “Immanuel, which means “God is with us” 

As Christmas time comes, We should be joyful that there is someone that understands us. Jesus does not only understand us, but he also left the best place, heaven and came down to the world to suffer and die for us. What can we do in return? Nothing but to worship and obey God’s word so we can join Jesus one day. As we hand out cards to our neighbors, share this joy to them and tell them God is always with them!

~Yivana Au Yang



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