Sunday School begins at 11:00am

English Ministries at Edmonton Chinese Baptist Church oversees Sunday School starting at grade seven. Using a mix of Bible studies and Bible based topical studies and through interaction and instruction, our goal is that students will be able to understand the Bible and apply it to their lives in a way that they can share with others. Everyone is welcome to join Sunday School, Sunday mornings at 11am.

Sunday School is often thought of as something for children; but that is only partly true. At ECBC, we are happy to have Sunday School for all ages. It is a place where you can ask questions, hear truth found in the Bible and be challenged to think about what you believe. If you want to go deeper in your faith or want to understand more about the Bible, we would like to invite you to give Sunday School a try. We know you will not be disappointed.

Sunday School is divided into two major groups: Jr./Sr. High School and Adults Classes. The two major groups are broken into smaller classes based on need and curriculum choices.

Description for the Jr./Sr. High School Class

We engage in variety of biblical related topics with this Sunday School. We believe in healthy growth of each participants and focus on their spiritual well-being. Our method of learning includes the in-depth knowledge based bible studies, fun yet challenging discussions, as well as interactive learning modules.

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As an example, here are some of the topics we went through during the period between Fall and Winter of 2014.

  • Honest to God – Real Questions People Ask
    1. Is Every Life Sacred?
    2. How Can I Be Sure God Exist?
    3. What About People Who’ve Never Heard About Jesus?
    4. Why Should I Trust The Bible?
    5. How Did We Get Here..And Why? (example below*)
    6. If God Is Good, Why Is There Suffering?

*Interactive learning: We asked the students to summarize the Six days of Creation (based on Genesis 1) with a “build-a-tower” team exercise. These towers would need to withstand a certain weight at the top while displaying some key points of creation from each day (represented by each level of the tower).


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