Announcement: 06/13/2021

Announcement from The Children Ministry

  • Our VBS Summer Camp “Destination Dig” will take place on Aug 9th to 13th, Aug 16th to 20th, and 22nd. Registration is now open [Register Link here]. This Children VBS Summer Camp is designed for children age 4 to 13 years old, and it contains both Online (Zoom) portions as well as In-person field trips or alternative virtual activities.
    • EarlyBird price (until June 30th): $45.00 per children
    • Regular price (July 1st and on): $55.00 per children
  • For more information about “Destination Dig”, please visit https://ecbchurch.org/children/events/destination-dig/
    You may also contact Paster Hanna (Children Ministry Pastor) or Karine Chan (Camp Director).

  • From June 11th to 13th, the Children’s Ministry will once again arrange delivery and collection of gift bags. Also we, on behalf of the children, have prepared some meaningful gifts for their fathers. On June 10th (Thursday evening), please placed the prepared bag and/or books of the Children Ministry outside of your home entrance for our staff to collect.

Announcement from The Church Council

  • The next Special Membership Meeting will begin today at 1:30 pm (Zoom link sent from the Membership Committee). There are (so far) 4 voting items:
    1. The acceptance of the new Pastor Search Committee members: Bianca Ho (Council Representative), Gary Chan, Chris Truscott, and Bernadette Chan (Member Representatives), Pastor Hanna (Pastoral Consultant), and Renata Sezto (HR Board Consultant).
    2. The acceptance of the 2022 Nomination Committee members: Bryan Wai and Cindy Li (Council Representatives), Dicky Chan, Yinuo Wan, and Johanna Ng (Member Representatives)
    3. The acceptance to the “Renewal of Rev. Edward To’s contract for the second year of employment as Cantonese Pastor” with the recommendation from the HR Board.
    4. The acceptance to increase the Children Ministry budget by $2,500 to support the 2021 Vacation Bible School (VBS) ministry.

English Congregation Announcement

  • We’ll begin a new series of Bible Study on Thursday night with “The 10 Worst Objections to Christianity”. Also, we’ll be moving to Zoom and begin at 7:00 pm.
      – Study Room: 762-765-1609 ; Password: Christ

  • Following the Bible Study on Thursday night, we’ll host a Prayer Circle from 8:00 to 9:00 pm.
    – Prayer Room: 762-765-1609 ; Password: Christ

  • Churchwide Zoom Prayer Meeting is on every Wednesday at 7:00 pm.
    – Prayer Room: 948-974-2989 ; Password: 282762


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