Living in the Land of Shadows

To survive in post-Christian 21st century America, the church is going to have to return to the centrality of the Word. It will require people understanding what Jesus is saying and how His Word is to be applied. It will be people reaffirming our identity again and again by studying and learning the Word.

We also need to be engaged in every area of culture. That is, we need to have Christian artists—people who are writing the great novels, writing the great songs, and performing the great music. We need leading thinkers in every area of conversation who are Christians. We cannot retreat. We cannot give up. No army yet has won any war by retreating.

Are you faithfully applying Scripture to your life and engaging culture with what God is showing you through it?

When you’re faithful to this, in due time the Lord will lift you up. He has promised that. He’s not putting you in a place or a platform for self-gratification—but one where you can bless the name of Christ, bless the community, and give witness to His glory.

Know this: It isn’t a bad time to be alive. This is going to be an exciting time for the church and for our Lord. This isn’t the first time we’ve been here, and God has given us grace to triumph through it all. Seize the moment in confidence. Victory is ours.


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