Announcement: 12/10/2023

English Congregation Announcement

  • There are paper heart ornaments at the table, and we would like to invite you to write down two things on these hearts:
    1. How God showed love to them in the past.
    2. How do they pass this love to others (other brothers/sisters, family, co-workers, non-believers, etc.)?
      *Please hang the heart ornaments on the Christmas tree at the back of the sanctuary (and/or our tree here in the gym).
  • We are hosting a Christmas dinner, Jesus Party, on Friday, December 22nd, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. Each family brings a dish, and everyone brings a Christmas present for gift exchange ($15 max). Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eNAkc33NjgOKQLjXbHjo3TYhxjxr5GKvTNHAU2G5mvE/edit

  • The 2024 Christmas Joint Service will occur on Sunday, December 24th, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. There will be a potluck lunch that day as well, please bring a dish if you wish to participate. Make sure to specify the ingredients in the dish for allergy purposes.
  • The Nomination Committee invites brothers and sisters willing to serve in the following positions in 2024: Council chairperson, English representative, Children’s Ministry representative, Human Resources Board, Membership Committee, Mission Committee, and Facilities Committee. If you have a passion for any of the above positions, please get in touch with Chris Or.

Announcement from The Finance Committee

  • The ECBC Offering Records from January to November 2023 have been posted on the bulletin wall panel outside the office via a QR code.
  • There will be a Q&A about the 2024 ECBC budget on December 17th, 2023. Members may present their questions about the ministry budget at that time.
  • If you wish to submit any offerings toward the 2023 tax record, please do so before December 24 for cash and cheque offerings or before December 30th (11:59 p.m.) for E-Transfer offerings. Any offerings submitted after those dates will be allocated towards the 2024 tax record.

Announcement from The Church Council

  • There is a Special Membership Meeting scheduled for December 10th at 1:00 p.m. This is an in-person meeting, and there is three voting item listed:
    • The Church Council proposes to accept the Nomination Committee’s recommendation to appoint the following candidates to be the 2022 Church Council members:
      • a) Cantonese Congregation: Dora Ng
      • b) Mandarin Congregation: Yidi Zhang
      • c) Finance Committee: Christine Ngai
      • d) Facility Committee Chair: Auden Wang
    • The Church Council proposes accepting the Nomination Committee’s recommendation to appoint Danny Szeto as the Trustee Board member effective from Jan 1, 2024, to Dec 31, 2026.
    • The Church Council proposes accepting the 2024 ECBC Fixed Expenditure Budget. (Note: The Ministry budget will be voted at a separate SMM in January)


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