ECBC Fall Retreat 2016

The theme for our Fall Retreat this year is “Growing in Christ”, which will take place in Moonlight Bay Center near Lake Wabamum. It is scheduled for September 16th to 18th. The registration fee is $80.00 per person. This fee includes accommodations and meals. Transportation will be arranged by volunteers and participants at a later date.

Deadline of registration is Sunday August 31st.


  1. Take Yellowhead/ Highway 16 west bound from Edmonton
  2. Take slight right on Exit 327 Kapasawin/ Wabamun Provincial Park turn-off, then head south on Kapasawin – Range Rd 35
  3. Take 3rd right (the one after the Provincial Park entrance)
  4. Follow that road to the end and you’ll see a sign “Moonlight Bay Centre”.

Moonlight Bay Centre Website: http://moonlightbaycentre.org/

Printable Material:

Retreat Schedule and Direction with “To-Bring” list. [Coming soon]
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Retreat 2016 schedule (with background)

Download Forms:

ECBC Retreat Registration Forms Digital copy of the registration form, due August 31st 2016. Note: Waiver form must be completed by the parent or legal guardian of those individual who is below 18 years of age.

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  1. Some may wonder why we (the retreat committee and the Congregational Leadership team) decided to cap the registration at 56 people. There are many reasons for this decision, however it really all comes down to “focus”, and then follow closely by “safety”.

    Please allow me to explain:

    Our retreats prior to this one were operated as opportunities to invite non-believers; a chance of a lead-in to Christianity in their lives while getting to know who Jesus is. Sessions and activities were designed as introductory to Christianity; “Christianity 101” as some may put it.

    This year, the Fall Retreat is designed for members of the English congregation (and those we invited) to have a time away from their daily routine and focus solely on spiritual growth. The weekend will emphasize on worship, education, devotion and discipline. We want our participants to go beyond the surface level of their belief and reach deeper for the Holy Spirit who reside within them. We understood that this direction may discourage some non-believers.

    However, at some point, we (as a congregation) will need to make the difficult decision. Should we continue to stay at 101? Or should we advance to the next level? With limited resources, do we choose to spread the basic message as wide as we can? Or help one another to develop deeper spiritual understanding? These are 2 very different objectives and each one will lead us down a distinct (and fulfilling) path.

    I respect the differences in opinions, especially to those who demonstrate passion toward either side of the spectrum. I truly believe both sides will yield positive results, so there are really no wrong answers.

    Finally, I would like to conclude with this saying: We can choose to do many things in mediocrity or focus on one thing and do it really well. For me personally, “focus” is the keyword. The Fall retreat this year has a set focus on spiritual growth, but that doesn’t mean we will not ever go back to the basic. Perhaps other events in the future, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even a second retreat down the road, can have a focus solely on that.

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