Dodgeball Tournament

You have all been invited to participate in an inter-church dodgeball event benefiting the Syrian refugee crisis. We have a total of 7 churches invited (SEAC, NEAC, ECCC, ECAC, ECBC, Evangel and Lansdowne Baptist) but the Syrian Refugee Crisis is an international issue that is not limited to the church community!

Team signup – 10 people per team (minimum 2 girls)
– OR –
Individual signup! We will be sure to introduce you to some really cool people!

There is a $10 registration donation fee associated although further donations would be appreciated.

Come learn more about the situation, SEAC and ECBC’s involvment with Syrian family sponsorship while having fellowship with other participating churches, meeting new people and getting pumped up about the opportunity to help our overseas brothers and sisters!

Click here for the official Facebook Event Post.


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