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Under [Appointment Description] , please provide the following information 於「預約說明」欄,提供以下信息:
– Your meeting group size 您的聚會人數
– Event/Group Name (be specific) follow by event title, such as 聚會性質/小組名稱;例如:

  • Cantonese Youth Group_Bible Study 粵語部青少年小組_查經;
  • Cantonese Adult_Badminton 粵語成人_羽毛球活動;
  • Cantonese_Chinese New Year 粵語部_農曆新年慶祝;
  • Cantonese Adult Choir_Song Practice 粵語部成人詩班_詩班練習;
  • English Praise Team_Song Practice 英語部敬拜隊_練習;
  • English Adult_Sunday School 英語部成人_主日學;
  • English Youth_Hot Pot Night 英語部青年事工_火鍋聚會;
  • Mandarin Adult_Prayer Meeting 國語部成人_禱告會;
  • Mandarin UofA_Cooking 國語部 UA查經班_煮食.