Quest for Life conference

This event is hosted by a 3rd-party organization>

Statistics continue to demonstrate the mass exodus of young adults from the church. Quest for life will tackle the issues confronting our young people with relevant life changing solutions.

(Therefore, Either you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or young students, young or old parents, this conference is for you.)

Some of the topics that will be explored are: the dominant role of media in society, hyper sexualisation of society, deterioration of gender roles, family and marriage, false teachings in society, understanding how to answer other worldviews and the relationship of reason and faith.

Come learn and meet with other young people from across the city as we pursue answers to living in the world but not of it.

This year QFL will be held at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church. It is meant to equip young adults in the church communities where they are planted.

Register before January 31 to avail yourself of the early bird fee of only $25.00 including delicious snacks and lunch on Saturday.

Go to this website to register today: www.questforlife.ca


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