Peter wrote letter

Recorded on Sunday, May 29, 2022 Children’s online worship

1 Peter; 2 Peter

Peter was one of Jesus’ disciples. After Jesus went back to heaven and the church began to grow, Peter wrote two letters to some of the believers. Peter wrote the first letter to believers in the Roman provinces in Asia Minor. Peter wanted to encourage the believers and help them remember all of the things Jesus and God had done for them.

Peter encouraged his readers to remember that they have hope in Jesus. He challenged them to live holy lives, to love one another, to be honorable, and to choose to obey those in authority over them. Peter also wrote that wives and husbands should choose to obey God together.

Peter told the believers to be compassionate and humble and to not pay back evil for evil. He instructed them to make good choices when they faced problems. Peter challenged them to be full of peace. He explained that God would help and support them when someone treated them poorly.

In Peter’s second letter he warned believers to not believe teachers who taught things that were different than the Scriptures. Peter told the believers to make good choices so they would not be led away from Jesus. Peter also encouraged them to follow what the Scriptures said, and he taught them to live the way Jesus wanted.

Peter reminded the believers that Jesus promised to return and urged them to be ready when that day came. Peter told the believers to honor God with their lives and give Him glory.

When you want to tell someone special news, how do you communicate with them? Do you pick up a phone and call them? Do you send an email or a text? Do you write a letter and put it in the mail?

In Bible times, they did not have phones or computers. They didn’t have a post office or delivery companies. Many did not know how to read or write. Messages were often passed along by word of mouth. Sometimes people wrote letters to tell people important news.

Peter was a disciple of Jesus. God gave him an important message to tell believers. He wrote letters to share God’s words. The first letter was written to encourage believers who were experiencing hard times. Peter reminded them to live lives that honored God.

In the second letter, Peter encouraged believers to be aware of people who were teaching things that were not found in Scripture. He encouraged them to follow God’s Word no matter what.

These two letters written by Peter are in the Bible today. They are the Book of 1 Peter and the Book of 2 Peter. The Holy Spirit led Peter to write God’s words. Today, we can read these words and be encouraged, as well.

The Bible is God’s Word. God helped people know what to write in the Bible. The Bible is completely true. Peter wrote that the Word of God will last forever (1 Peter 1:25). We can trust the words in the Bible. As we read and study God’s Word, we learn more about God and Jesus. We can use what we learn to tell others about Him and to be encouraged that Jesus will return one day for those who believe in Him.


1. Who inspired Peter to write these two letters?

2. What were some of the messages Peter shared with believers in his letters?

3. What books of the Bible can we find these letters in today?

Pray: God, thank You for Your Word. Thank You that it is true, that it helps us know more about You, and that it will last forever. Thank You for people who wrote Your words in the Bible. Help us desire to study the Bible and share the truths we learn with others. Amen.