Parents talk 家長的研討會

Recognize the needs of school children and we are planning to hold a parent talk, “What Your Kids Don’t Tell You About School,” on October 29 at 1 p.m., featuring Yivana, Lydia, and Mary, who will talk about what’s happening in their schools. At the end of our sharing, we will discuss what we can do as parents to protect our children. Hope to see you there. Simple Lunch will be served, and childcare will be provided. Please text 780-720-7297 to register.

我們在十月卄九日主日下午一時正,為了在學的孩子們 的需要,組織了一個研討會:題目"為什麼你的孩子不願告訴你關於學校裏的事。"在會中,有Yivana,Lydia ,Mary 會講及他們學校裏所發生的事。分享之後,我們會繼續討論,我們做家長的可以怎樣保護自己的𠒇女。深望你們來參加。我們會準備簡便午餐及照顧幼𠒇的安排。請電780-720-7297 來報名登記。