Paul travelled to Rome

Recorded on June 26 (Children’s online program)

ACTS 27–28

Paul had been arrested, and he asked to speak to Caesar, the leader of the Roman Empire. Caesar was in Rome, so Paul got on a ship with other prisoners going there. Strong winds and rain tossed the ship. The ship’s crew waited until the wind calmed to sail around the island of Crete, but the strong wind pushed the ship.

The crew pulled the lifeboat on board, so it would not float away. They tied ropes around the ship to hold it together in the storm. The next day the crew threw things overboard. The wind and rain did not stop for many days. The men on the ship were afraid they would die.

One night God sent an angel to Paul. The angel told Paul to not be afraid. God would save the lives of everyone on the ship. Paul told everyone on board, “Take courage, men. I believe God will do what He said. We will not die, but we have to run the ship onto an island.”

As the ship drifted toward the island of Malta, some of the sailors tried to escape in the lifeboat. “No,” Paul told them, “unless you stay on the ship, you won’t be saved.” The men listened to Paul and stayed. They cut the ropes of the lifeboat and let it float away. Paul told everyone to eat. He thanked God for the food. Then the crew raised the sails and headed toward the beach on the island.

Suddenly, the ship struck a sandbar and stopped moving. Waves crashed into the ship, and it began to break into pieces. An officer ordered everyone to swim to the shore. Some swam and others clung to pieces of the ship. They all made it safely to shore! God saved all of their lives!

The people on the island built a fire for them. As Paul gathered firewood, a viper bit his hand. The people thought he was a murderer and would die from the viper. When nothing happened, they decided Paul was a god. Paul healed a man, and others came to be healed, too.

Three months later Paul got on another ship and sailed to Rome. Paul was still a prisoner, but instead of going to jail, he was allowed to live in his own rented house. A soldier stayed with him to guard him. Paul lived in the house for two years and welcomed anyone who visited him. All-day he told his visitors about the kingdom of God and tried to persuade them to believe in Jesus.