Lydia believed in Jesus

Zoom Recording on June 12, 2022

ACTS 16:6-15

While Paul and his friends were traveling, Paul had a vision during the night. He saw a man begging them to come to Macedonia to help them.

Paul and his friends immediately left for Macedonia, knowing God wanted them to preach the gospel there. They arrived in Philippi, which was an important city in the area, and they stayed there for several days.

On the Sabbath, Paul and his friends went outside the city gate beside the river. They thought they might find people gathered there to pray.

Paul and his friends sat down and began to talk to several women who had gathered there. One woman was named Lydia. She was a business woman who sold purple cloth, and she worshiped God.

As the men talked, God helped Lydia to listen and understand all that Paul said. She believed in Jesus and was baptized! Lydia’s whole family became believers, and they were baptized, too.

Lydia was kind to Paul and his friends. She asked them to stay at her house, and they agreed.