Joash and the people gave offerings

2 Chronicles 24

Joash was 7 years old when he became king, and he ruled 40 years in Jerusalem. Joash did what was right in the sight of the Lord the entire time that Jehoiada was priest.

Joash wanted to repair the house of the Lord because it had been misused for idol worship. Joash gathered the priests and Levites (temple helpers) and said to them, “Go out to the cities of Judah and collect money from all the people in Israel to repair the house of your God, and do it quickly.” But the Levites did not act quickly.

So King Joash commanded that a chest be made and set outside the gate of the temple. Then an important announcement was made to the people in Judah and Jerusalem to bring their offerings and place them in the chest.

All the people rejoiced and brought their offeringsThe offerings were used to hire stonecutters and carpenters and workers in iron and bronze to restore and strengthen the house of the Lord. There was even enough money to make supplies for ministry and for burnt offerings. And throughout Jehoiada’s life, burnt offerings were offered regularly in the house of God.

Last week we learned about King Hezekiah and how he led his people to return to God and follow His commands. Another king who wanted to lead his people to do what God commanded was Joash. There was one big difference between King Hezekiah and King Joash–Joash was only seven years old when he became king! That’s right he was just a kid like you. Can you imagine being the king over a whole nation?

Just like King Hezekiah, Joash called on the Levites to help him get the temple repaired and ready for the people to come back. Unlike the Levites in last week’s story who jumped up and started the work King Hezekiah commanded, the Levites in today’s story did not act quickly. This meant Joash had to take care of getting things done himself. Joash might have been young, but he knew what was right in the eyes of God. Joash asked the people to give offerings such as money to help repair God’s house. The people rejoiced and gave cheerfully. All the offerings were used to hire people to do God’s work. And because the people gave more than what was needed for the repairs, there was extra to help people worship and offer sacrifices for many years.

God asks people today to bring their offerings as a way to help the church do His work and teach others about Him. Your offering may be money, but it can also include giving of your time and talents. It can include giving food to those who need it or helping those who cannot help themselves. Whatever you bring as an offering to your church it helps not just the people of your church learn about God, but it can help people in other countries learn about Him, too. Giving an offering is a way you can worship God and thank Him for the things He has given to you.

Pray: God, please help me joyfully give my offerings and service to do Your work. Help me to give what I can whether it is money, time, or talents. Please bless what I give and use it to help others learn more about You. Amen.