Isaac Kept peace

Pastor Hanna Ng

Genesis 26:1-6,12-33

A famine came to the land. Isaac went to see Abimelech, king of the Philistines at Gerar. God appeared to Isaac and told him not to go to Egypt, but to stay in this land. God promised to bless Isaac and be with him. God would remember the oath He made with Isaac’s father, Abraham, years before because Abraham listened and obeyed God. God promised Isaac that his offspring would be too many to count, like stars in the sky. God would bless them too. So Isaac stayed in Gerar.

In one year, Isaac’s crops grew greatly! God blessed Isaac. He became very wealthy with flocks, herds, and servants. The Philistines were jealous of Isaac, so they filled up Isaac’s wells with dirt. These were the same wells that Abraham’s servants had dug a long time ago. Abimelech told Isaac to leave because he was too powerful. Isaac left and made camp in the valley. He reopened his father’s wells. He named the wells just as his father had. Isaac’s servants dug and found a well of spring water. The herdsman of Gerar argued with Isaac’s herdsman. They said, “It’s our water!” So Isaac’s servants dug another well. The herdsman also quarreled over that one. Isaac moved from there and dug another well. No one argued over it. Isaac named it Rehoboth. He remembered what God had done for him. God appeared to Isaac that night. He told Isaac not to be afraid. “I am with you,” God said. God again promised to bless Isaac. Isaac built an altar at that place and worshiped God. He pitched his tent there, and dug another well

Abimelech and his leaders came to see Isaac. Abimelech told Isaac they saw that God was with him. They wanted to make a promise to keep peace and not harm one another. Isaac prepared a banquet. The next morning they got up early and took an oath to each other. They left Isaac in peace. That same day, Isaac’s servants brought news that they found water in the well they dug!

Does your family enjoy playing games together? You might play board games or card games. You might enjoy playing soccer, tennis, or basketball together. When you play games like these, do you (or someone else in your family) get frustrated easily? You might be disappointed if you don’t win or upset if someone does something to cause you to lose a turn. One thing is for sure—games can bring out our competitive side. But, even when we are playing games with our families, we can do our best to get along with everyone.

Isaac and his family lived in Gerar. Even though there was famine in the land, the crops Isaac and his family planted grew. As he became rich, others grew jealous, even going so far as filling his wells with dirt so he could no longer get water.

Isaac moved with his family. His men dug new wells so they could have water. Each time he built a well, the people living in the land said, “You can’t have that. It’s our water.”

God reminded Isaac that He was with him and would provide for his family. When the people living in the land realized God was with Isaac, they came to him and made a promise to live at peace with them.

It can be hard to get along with others. Sometimes jealousy keeps people from being kind to others. Sometimes not fully knowing a person’s situation can keep people from showing kindness. Sometimes people just want to have things their own way.

The Bible tells us in Romans 12:18 that we should “live at peace with everyone.” It may not be easy, but it is the right thing to do. When you struggle getting along with others, you have a choice to make. You can live at peace with others or you can choose to not get along. God will help you make the right choice.

Review Questions:

1. Why were people jealous of Isaac?

2. What did the people do as a result of their jealousy?

3. What promise did God make to Isaac? How did it come true?

Pray: God, it can be hard to get along with everyone. Help me to show Your love to others as I work to live at peace with those around me. Amen.