Youth Internship Program

Deadline to register: July 21, 2020 or when the space is filled
Ages: 13–16*
Dates: August 3–7, 10–15, 2020
Time: 8:45am – 4:45pm
Price: $ 85* (before July 7)
          $ 99* (after July 9)
Includes a T-shirt and field trips

Looking for something to do this summer?  Build your leadership skills and meet new friends along the way!  The Youth Internship Program (YIP) focuses on guiding youth to develop the necessary skills to become leaders. Participants will learn to build up their social competency and self-esteem while gaining practical experience working with children Develop long lasting relationships as a bonus!

這是⼀個不可多得的平台,能讓13⾄16歲的⻘少年發展他們的領導才能,透過寶貴的照顧孩童的實際⼯作經驗,從⽽提升營 友的社交能⼒及⾃尊⼼。另⼀個意想不到的收獲就是可在這實習⽇營中認識到其他年⻘領袖及建⽴寶貴的友誼。

Limited Space Available. To participate in this program, all applicants will be interviewed in order to determine suitability.

Priority will be given to those who register with a Camper in the “Concrete & Cranes” Day Camp.