Pastor Bill Hybels calls prayer “the ministry.” The prayer corner is a place where the needs of our congregation and church can be shared for others to pray for. If you have a prayer request and would like to share it with the church family please let Pastor Brian or Gary know and it will be posted here.

March 10, 2016

This is the Prayer requests from the Cuba Short-term Mission (STM) Team, (8 of them – 6 sisters and 2 brothers):

  1. Physical and spiritual health and strength of the team.
  2. Courage, wisdom and linguistic abilities in English and some Spanish.
  3. Preparation work – 3 evangelistic meetings for adults, 2 children evangelistic rallies, one church leaders’ and 2 small group leaders’ training sessions, one women’s group, collecting resources to bring along, etc.
  4. The un-churched for being willing to accept Christ.
  5. The people we will be visiting there.
  6. See what God wants us to see and experience.
  7. What we can learn from Cuba.
  8. Pray for a positive and fruitful mission experience.

Here is the latest version of the wishlist of items that they’d like to bring to Cuba to use for the trip and leave behind for the people there to continue to use.

What to bring to Cuba 2016

December 27, 2015
  • Pray for the Church Councilors and Servant Leaders: Thank God for the church established the election of each Councilor and Servant Leader in year 2016. May the Lord bless them, allowing them to engage experienced in grace. Help each ministry personnel work with brothers and sisters become one of the team, act in concert with the church theme in next year: “Christ is Lord, Share His story.

2016 ECBC theme banner facebook coverphoto

November 22, 2015