Monday evening [starting at 7:00 pm]

We believe that having Bible Studies regularly as a group is an important aspect of our lives. It leads to spiritual growth and maturity, strengthens our faith, trains us in righteousness and purity, gives us guidance of truth and wisdom, produces peace and joy, supports our prayer lives, and the best part, to help us get to know Jesus more.

The problem is, everyone has a different schedule, which makes meeting up during a normal weekday more difficult than ever. To solve that problem, we are introducing an Online Chat-based Bible Study, which we make use of a voice and text chat program called “Discord” to connect with all willing participants to join us in an hour of Bible study at any given time, regardless of where they are.

This Bible study time will be hosted by Ryan and Gary. Anyone can join, participation can be varied based on an individual’s comfort level; join our conversation or simply mute-and-listen to our discussions.

Host Name Discord Account#
Ryan Ryran#8910
Gary Noface2give#5705

How do I join this Online Bible Study?

  1. With a desktop or laptop computer, an Andriod or iOS smartphone, or Xbox One.
  2. Sign up and install “Discord”. Click here or the image below to get redirect to the Discord website.
  3. You will need to have a consistent connection to the internet, for examples:
    • Lan/Network/WIFI connection at home, or
    • WIFI connection via Shaw Open, #Telus, or any FREE wireless Internet from businesses such as Tim Hortons, McDonald’s etc., or
    • Data connection (3G or LTE) via your cell phone service provider [smartphone Discord app required].
  4. Speaker or headphone
  5. Microphone (Optional)
  6. Click “Add Friend” and send a friend request to Ryran#8910. Then send Ryan a message in order to get the invitation to our server!

Code of Conduct

We created the Code of Conduct to provide a basic understanding of what’s allowed and not allowed in our channels. The following are the principal guidelines:

  • Ensure a friendly atmosphere for all our members
  • Ensure the privacy of our members and that of others
  • Encourage the responsible use of our channels
  • Encourage the freedom of expression and exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner


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